Clarence Gatlin Jr. is a normal guy from the small town of Beaumont, Tx. Despite his humble upbringing, he’s always had HUGE goals and aspirations. Upon graduation from West Brook High School, Mr. Gatlin had the distinguished privilege of owning a successful retail clothing enterprise. This was Clarence’s first taste of entrepreneurship, being his own boss, and controlling his own destiny and he fell in love with it. He also attended Lamar University, to become an engineer. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Maintenance to work in the oil and gas refinery industry. However, Clarence had different plans for himself. He was never keen to the idea of someone else controlling his time, destiny and most importantly, his income. As a young man, Mr. Gatlin subscribed to the philosophy that “If you do not have a vision of your own, you will always be a slave to someone who does.” Therefore, he knew working for someone else was not his true Purpose in life.

Today, Mr. Gatlin has more than a decade of entrepreneurship experience under his belt. He was even able to retire from his job at the age of 24 years old. He is now truly able to live a life of Financial Freedom and teaches others to do the same. Mr. Gatlin has a unique skill of successfully teaching individuals how to TRADE money for money and not time for money. Time is our most valuable asset. Clarence teaches individuals to work smarter, not harder and leverage income to create true wealth. Granting the opportunity to live Life like a vacation, TRAVEL the world with loved ones. Most importantly, he teaches individuals to TRANSFORM into the best version of themselves. “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Mr. Gatlin’s Purpose in life is to positively impact ONE MILLION plus lives through Health & Wellness and Financial independence. As a mentor coach and leader, he has one primary philosophy: “If you help enough people get what they want out of life, in return you’ll have everything you need.” His goal is to inspire and motivate people to find their inner greatness, chase their passion and turn their dreams into reality. Now, today Mr. Gatlin has already helped 34 individuals earn six-figure (+) incomes throughout his career and on a mission to break the curse of poverty for even more families across the world. He is teaching clients worldwide a skill set the will allow them to multiply their money in the Largest Financial Market in the World! This opportunity has become known as the greatest wealth transfer of this generation.THE FINANCIAL REVOLUTION 2.0

I had watched Mr. Gatlin from afar waiting for the right opportunity to join his community since joining I never felt more at home with such positive and up lifting messages. You have not only helped me to begin the first stages of my training but also helped me speak positively into my life. Blessings on blessings everyday for guidance means everything to me I can’t thank you enough! I can truly believe I will be successful I won’t give up and I know you won’t give up on me! Thank you so much once again!

Kiana Johnson

My husband and I have had the honor of being students of Clarence Gatlin, Jr. Our lives have been transformed remarkably. Not only is he a Man of God, but he is a brilliant teacher, student, patient and humble servant of God who is out to teach God’s flock the skill of Forex. He has equipped us with the essential tools needed to WIN. Most people talk the talk but Mr. Gatlin is true to his word and actually walk the walk never allowing a question to go unanswered. We are so very grateful for his diligence and hardwork to see others succeed. Thank you, Billionaire, and God bless you for being the example in our lives to assisting us to becoming debt free. You are truly one-of-a-kind and we love you!!

Jim & Kim May

One of the biggest challenges on this journey of entrepreneurship is developing the confidence to push through our present selves, situations, and circumstances. The “Transformational Instruction” that Mr. Gatlin so passionately guarantees has equipped me with the confidence to shift into my future self, realize my purpose, and execute with my fullest potential in play! Mr. Gatlin is a visionary that knows no limit and strives to lead others to excellence!

Cody Walker

Have been knowing Mr Gatlin for about 8 years. Learned so much from his Leadership and mentorship. Very humbled and down to earth and has so many successes in what he’s done. I believe in order to become who you want to be you have to seek to learn and to be around those people that will uplift you and to guide you. I’ve had many mentors but Mr. Gatlin has been the one that has stuck with me during the long run. 

Marvin Metoyer